Day: 18
Mountain: Sugarloaf Mountain, 1,209 feet
Distance: 5.1 miles
Time: <1:00:00
Total Climb: ~350 feet

Back on Sugarloaf Mountain today. It was hard to drag myself out of bed.

This trail starts halfway up the mountain, but it’s a rolling route… not just a climb and descent. The really difficult part is the descent and climb in the middle. That’s the rocky descent down to Cedarglades Road, and the nasty return up the same route. It’s so hard because it’s really rocky… you have to be SUPER careful, especially when running it in the dark like this morning.

And on all the hills today, I was winded. I’m assuming it’s that I’m falling behind on recovery/sleep, or maybe I’m getting sick, but it was rough. I tried to make decent time and kept plugging along. Not fast, but not too terribly slow.

I stopped at the cairns that were knocked down and rebuilt them. I don’t know why it matters to me… but it does. And they’re back. Hard to tell from the picture since it was so dark, but I tried to rebuild them tall and visible.

18 days down, 13 to go.

  1. before-i--sleep said: yay, cairns! Get some more sleep and don’t injure yourself…
  2. orangecrossfitter said: Starting to get a little envious at all those great trails you’re running ;) Keep posting!
  3. falllingforward said: Shoulda done this in February!
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